Walking Shoes Cushion Feet on Hard Surfaces

Joya footwear featured today in FLORIDA WEEKLY...

Every once in a while, a new, refreshing concept in comfort shoes enters the marketplace. As the name suggests, this Swiss-engineered shoe is designed to make walking a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience. If we walked the way nature intended, we would be barefoot on soft earth all day long. The foot is an incredibly complicated architectural masterpiece, with 26 bones (plus two sesamoids), and scores of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Just like our hands, our feet are designed to move in three planes of motion. They are designed to articulate and adapt to uneven terrain...

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Joya Smart Sole Technology Animation

Discover Joya Smart Sole Technology...

The Joya Smart Sole Technology is a revolution. The motto is: "Step inside, just walk and enjoy." Due to the unique construction and technology of the sole, Joya needs no instruction manual as is the case with some other technical footwear brands. One does not need to learn how to walk with Joya - Joya simply learns how to walk and function with its owner.

Here you can see how the internationally patented Joya Smart Sole Technology works:   http://bit.ly/xsgDHm

The Right Shoe Can Make Walking Seem Effortless

Joya shoes featured in Florida Weekly...

Joya Smart Sole Technology... is simply about making walking a joyful and effortless experience...

The world’s softest shoe is now launching in the United States and has already received incredible critical acclaim from thousands of consumers. Here are a few...

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Joya Footwear

Joya footwear featured in Women's Adventure Magazine...

Their motto is, "Step inside, just walk and enjoy." When you slip on a pair of Joya shoes, you’ll agree.

We tried the Mary Jane-styled Marilyn Black shoes and had some very happy feet...

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Shatner wearing Joya on Tonight Show

William Shatner wearing Joya Boleros on National Television...

William Shatner was wearing Joya Boleros last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

According to Mr. Shatner: "Your [Joya] shoes are exactly what your ad statements say they are. I am wearing nothing else but these shoes."

To view part 1 of show please visit: http://bit.ly/zR8WPI 

To view part 2 of show please visit: http://bit.ly/yiu75M

Joya wishes you all the best

A video message from Karl Müller and Claudio Minder for the new year

Thank you for your trust in us and your excellent feedback in 2011. We are happy that our Joya shoes have become a good walking companion for you, wherever you may be going. And we wish you a great start for the new year!

Here you can view the video message from Karl Müller and Claudio Minder...



Joya footwear featured in Max Sports Magazine...

The Swiss shoe developer, Karl Mueller Jr. (whose father, Karl Mueller Sr., invented the MBT), created a new revolutionary shoe called Joya. They are designed to make walking a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience without exposing the body to the physical stress...

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Joya Footwear at Carrier Classic on 11.11.11

Carrier Classic Filmmakers wear Joya footwear...

Yesterday on 11.11.11, President Obama and the First Lady ended Veterans Day aboard the USS Carl Vinson where they watched the University of North Carolina men's basketball team defeat Michigan State University (67-55) in the first-ever Carrier Classic.

Meanwhile Vanilla Fire Productions, Producer Tamara Henry and Director Steven Barber both wore Joya footwear as they filmed their Carrier Classic Documentary… making the many days of shooting as comfortable and as fun as possible (as can be seen in these pictures).

"I just can't get over how the Joya shoes feel. They are the best shoes I have ever had and they were a total lifesaver after many days of shooting", exclaimed Steven Barber, Director of Vanilla Fire Productions. 


Leading US Comfort Shoe Stores share their Joya Experiences...

"Joya is a shoe that delivers more than it promises - in terms of fit, feel, function and addressing my customer's comfort and pain relief needs. Unlike most other comfort shoes, these shoes get an immediate "Oh Wow" response from almost every customer that tries them on. Bringing the shoes out on the floor is easy, because we know what the customer response is going to be. There are not many other comfort shoe brands that come close to matching the Joya feeling.

I also appreciate the fact that I don't have to compete with a billion people selling Joya for less online. We have had a few customers use their smart phones trying to find a better deal on Joya, only to find out that our prices are in line with everyone else.

I personally love the feeling of Joyas, and I find the styling to be cute. Customers are addicted to the Joya feeling and are grateful that they can find styles that are appropriate for their work, lifestyle or dress needs. Selling Joya shoes is fun, and they are rapidly becoming a very important brand in our store."

Celia Tellez, Owner -Total Relief Footwear - Austin, TX


"As a brick and mortar, sit and fit shoe retailer its great to have a vendor that supports this business model versus internet retailers. The quality is impeccable, the comfort surprisingly unique and customer service is outstanding. The retail price at $239 hits our perfect sweet spot. The marketing message is simple and effective: The world's softest shoe - They make you smile as soon as you stand in them. Our customers love them and even our newest salespeople have no problems selling them because the unusual comfort sells itself."

Kip Odermatt, C.Ped, Owner - Foot Solutions - Stockton, CA


"Joya has been an excellent addition to our store and is quickly becoming one of our better selling brands! People come in daily wanting to "feel" the "world’s softest shoes" and are fascinated with the softness and support of the Joya. Our local podiatrist has already purchased two pair for her husband!"

Karen Abeid, Owner - R.E.Lee Shoe Company - Colville, WA


"Foot Solutions, Costa Mesa is having great success and fun with Joya Premium Footwear! The staff can't believe how easy it is to sell Joya shoes. A typical response we hear from customers when they first try them on is, "wow, I've never tried on a shoe so comfortable before". Customers just love the feel of the shoes and the price point of $239 is perfect for us. There is virtually no objection to the price because the feeling of the shoes overrides price most of the time. We have had customers tell us that the Bolero looks as good as Prada shoes. They are selling so well that we keep running out of sizes and re-ordering as needed. Rashmi is wearing the Heidi and is getting a lot of attention. Musaddek wears the Cruiser, which is also perfect for his other job as a waiter at Coco’s. Lastly, we love Tracy and Cam, in Boise. They will do anything to help us meet our demand. And to top it off, the tag line "The World’s Softest Shoe" is simple and perfect -- no worries about customers shopping a big box or internet competitor, no minimum purchase, great payment terms – a dream come true for independent retailers like us!"

Jim Richter, C.Ped, Owner - Foot Solutions - Costa Mesa, CA


"It's nice to know that you have a brand that can relieve anyone's pain by putting Joyas on their feet - good to have a go-to shoe like Joya."

Joe Gradia, General Manager - Hawley Lane Shoes - Shelton, CT


"We believe the JOYA line can be more successful than the MBT's. In the short time our store has had the opportunity of showing JOYA to our customers we have been selling them with very low store traffic. In the next few weeks we will be back in season and have a huge opportunity of selling much more. We are very proud to sell these fine shoes to our up scale customer base."

Roger Nadalin, Store Manager - Happy Feet Plus - Fort Meyers, FL


"Joya shoes satisfy the verbal, visual and tangible points you need to make to sell a pair of shoes.

Joya shoes offer a great opportunity to sell shoes you can believe in and get excited about. When you say they are comfortable, you can be confident your customer will believe it. When you talk about durability and how long they should last, you can tell them about the 4 million compressions test with very little loss in cushion. In addition, the polyurethane midsoles last 3 to 4 times longer than your average athletic shoe with a midsole made from EVA. Visually, Joya shoes are very appealing. A great example is to have your staff wearing a pair to show them off with what they are wearing and talk about the comfort they are experiencing.

The tangible side of the sale is aided by a mat provided by Joya to place next to your register counter. It is made of the same polyurethane material as the midsole of the shoes. When customers step on the mat, you will get an immediate positive response. I can’t tell you how many times that has resulted in a sale or an additional sale. It works. Ultimately at the fitting stool is where the tangible aspect of selling a pair of Joya shoes is the most rewarding. Getting Joyas on the foot is gratifying because we have never heard the word WOW! from customers more often than when fitting a pairs of Joya shoes. Several times we have had husbands or wives try Joyas on. Whoever tries them on first most usually gets the other to try them on which usually results in both getting pairs of Joyas. They are satisfied with the immediate cushion comfort Joya shoes give them.

The customer who buys Joya shoes in our market reflects a broad range of ages. While the target of many comfort brands is the baby boomer, we have sold Joyas to a young lady studying to be a nurse tech, a bank teller who wants relief while standing on her feet all day, and a young man in pharmacy school. We have sold school teachers and yes, several baby boomers as well.

The staff at Randy’s is excited when selling the customer on the comfort and quality of Joya shoes. We’ve enjoyed good success selling the Joya brand."

Larry Coffman, Manager - Randy’s Shoes - Amarillo, TX


"As a new Joya retailer, I have to say the shoes have exceeded my expectations. As a Pedorthist, I have not quite figured out how exactly they work, but the important thing is that they do deliver what they promise. In a short time, they have become a key vendor in my store. I am usually very leery of "soft" shoes. Joya makes soft work so the customer immediately feels what they want in soft, comfortable shoes.

As a very pes planus C.Ped, Joya is the only shoe that I have been able to wear comfortably without orthotics in the past 25 years. The shoes not only work on the comfort foot health level, but they also already have some good looking styles. I believe they help solve numerous foot problems, and we have found that the Joya shoes sell to the same MBT customers because they are also very comfortable and solve numerous problems in a different way.

I would encourage any retailer to give them a fair chance before their competition does because if Joya continues to keep their promise to not over saturate the market and to keep them off of the internet except for independent retailers using their own websites you want to be the Joya retailer. There is nothing like them on the market today."

Terry Abeles, C.Ped, Owner - T. Abeles & Co - Ridgeland, MS


Joya Footwear featured in Footwear Plus (Oct/Nov 2011 Edition)

Many retailers report buying Joya's super-soft walking shoes... in hopes of capturing [the] active, comfort-seeking demographic...

Joya has seen [a] boost in interest from fitness fiends. People in competitive sports really need something afterwards to recover with - to get out the aches and pains and lactic acids - and Joya works really well in that regard...

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By Audrey Goodson 

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The Swiss shoe manufacturer Joya develops and distributes back-friendly shoes. Joya enables a unique walking sensation and mimics the natural rolling movement. According to the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.), all of Joya’s shoes are especially back-friendly and distinguished with the coveted AGR quality seal. The soft patented Joya sole ensures optimal pressure distribution under the sole of the foot. This prevents plantar stress concentrations. Joya causes the foot to sink in while stepping, which in turn causes the hip to drop down on that side. The muscles in the back must be stabilized by this movement, which can also have a positive effect on back problems. The strong cushioning effect of the soft PU sole reduces the pressure on the spine, which can provide a beneficial effect.