What Doctors are saying about Joya

Doctors, orthopedists and physical therapists recommend Joya as ideal footwear for active walking and a healthy lifestyle. The main secret of Joya comfort shoes is its internationally patented Joya Sole Technology. Every step taken mimics the natural foot strike of walking barefoot on soft natural terrain.


"The Joya sole concept convinced me as being back friendly, as a clear functional line can be seen on the structure of the soles. The very soft sole construction and the accompanying absorption counteract the negative effects of the hard, flat floor. The soft characteristic of the Joya soles ensures a proportioned instability on the heel, whereby the musculature in the foot, leg and body area is activated more, and posture coordination is required."

Professor em. Dr. med. Erich Schmitt, orthopaedist and chairman of the forum Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e. V. [Healthy back – live better, registered association]

“Thanks to your flexible shoe soles, the Joya shoe is easy on joints. In the center for joint and sports surgery, where we also control a part of a very complex knee operation, my experience with Joya is that this healthy shoe functions like a prophylactic before the operation, and is gentle on the joints and aids in recovery post operation. Furthermore, the cushion of the flexible elastic sole provides continuous comfort while walking, and saves the joints and spine from damage. Healthy people can also benefit greatly from these shoes.”

Andreas L. Oberholzer, PhD, Specialist of orthopedics and trauma surgery, Zurich. www.gelenk-sportchirurgie.ch

"Joya shoes assist in the balance and activation of the muscles from the toes to the back: Joya shoes are helpful in therapy for heel and front foot pain, and can be used to aid in the treatment of hamstring and back pain."

Markus Müller, Specialist of orthopedic surgery/foot surgery, Lucerne. www.praxis-fusschirurgie.ch

"We recommend Joya shoes to all our patients and have received positive feedback from all of the people with joint problems. Most are patients with artificial hips, knees, or ankles. We also recommend Joya for degenerative diseases of the spinal column, and have had many good experiences: Joya shoes have optimal cushioning and relieve tension on the spine."

M. Fürst, PhD., Head physician of the Hofgarten clinic, Bad Waldsee. www.klinik-im-hofgarten.de

"The Joya shoe encourages a much better and straighter posture. The gait is considerably more fluid, and the back is evenly supported. As a result of using Joyas there is an appreciable correction of the muscle performance in the legs. A consequence of wearing these shoes is an improvement of coordination and cooperation between the muscles. Remarkably there is a distinct relief of the muscle pain of the back. I recommend the Joya shoe to practically all people with pain of the musculoskeletal system, particularly in order to correct bad alignment. But I also recommend these shoes for people who don’t have problems, and through the daily use of these shoes they develop a better gait and more active muscles. For example, I wear Joya shoes daily while I work in my practice for small corrections during frequent appointments."

Simon Feldhaus, PhD, Baar. www.feldmed.ch

"The body of experts assigned by us for the medical seal of approval assessed the Joya shoe as being very back friendly, as there is a functional, physiologically convincing basic idea behind all the soles, and all the medical requirements are fulfilled. Happily, the Joya retail concept grasps the very important aspect of customer care, where an extensive consultation is at the forefront. The AGR is very pleased to have found an innovative company in Joya, which 100% actively implements the idea of our "Aktion Gesunder Rücken" both with regards to the product and the company philosophy."

Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V. [Healthy back campaign, registered association]

“During an expedition through Tanzania and Kenya I had the opportunity to thoroughly test my Joya shoes. The shoes are extremely comfortable from the moment you have them on your feet. There was no break-in time at all. The movement of the shoe impressed me as being both guiding and supportive (stable), and in addition the sole provided premium cushioning for the whole body. My Achilles tendonitis, that had been plaguing me for the last six months, disappeared within a matter of days. I experienced a strengthening effect form the shoes, especially for my calf muscles… that in my experience is unequaled by any other shoe. I see a great opportunity for Joya shoes in sports medicine, to help treat foot and ankle pain and problems, Achilles tendonitis, various muscle injuries, and to relieve pressure on the spine.”

Dr. Klaus Gerlach, MD Sports Medicine, Team Doctor, Mainz 05, German National Soccer League.

“The Joya shoe activates deep muscles and stimulates blood circulation in the leg tissues. It also contributes with ease, and in a natural manner, to a tighter silhouette. The health benefit aspects of Joya have caused us to wear the shoes daily to our practice.”

Hajnal Kiprov, PhD., Dermatologist and founder of the private clinic KIPROV, Vienna. www.kiprov.com

“The wedge shaped special sole has a positive impact on the spinal column, and takes care of inner elasticity. It is as if you have a spring in your body which can automatically correct bad posture. The cushioning of the sole drastically relieves the back and joints.”

Ronald J. Sabitzer, PhD., Specialist of neurosurgery, orthopedics, and orthopedic surgery, Vienna. www.dr-sabitzer.at

„By the revolution of orthopedic shoes that simulate the natural and healthy barefoot walking, movement-experts are now having an alternative method to deal with various health problems. The joya shoe is highly suitable for people with backpain, foot problems and arthritic changes of the spine. I myself like to wear Joya thereby enjoying every minute of recovery“.

Sportmediziner/ Orthopäde Dr. Marco Seita, Palma Clinic Mallorca. www.palma-clinic.com

The Swiss shoe manufacturer Joya develops and distributes back-friendly shoes. Joya enables a unique walking sensation and mimics the natural rolling movement. According to the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.), all of Joya’s shoes are especially back-friendly and distinguished with the coveted AGR quality seal. The soft patented Joya sole ensures optimal pressure distribution under the sole of the foot. This prevents plantar stress concentrations. Joya causes the foot to sink in while stepping, which in turn causes the hip to drop down on that side. The muscles in the back must be stabilized by this movement, which can also have a positive effect on back problems. The strong cushioning effect of the soft PU sole reduces the pressure on the spine, which can provide a beneficial effect.
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