Joya sole categories

Our shoes are classified into two sole categories to help you choose the correct Joya shoe.

The sole category shows at first glance the characteristics of our shoes:



motion: Walk actively!

With the unique Joya "activator"

We developed the motion shoe category to enable active walking and standing. The best part is the soft sole technology with muscle-activating midfoot-roller, the so-called "activator".

The sophisticated system enables a natural movement process and supports an active body posture. Perfect for everyone who is focused on their physical fitness.

Marked with the Joya motion symbol:

emotion: The joy of walking!

With the soft, elastic Joya footbed

By inventing the shoe category emotion, we re-invented the joy of walking. The soft, elastic Joya sole absorbs every impact, therefore supporting effective relief for backs and joints.

The result: Unique walking comfort. Ideal for people who want to pamper themselves and their feet with a uniquely soft walking feeling.

Marked with the Joya motion symbol:
來自瑞士的Joya,研發出可幫助背部健康的鞋類。Joya擁有獨特的走路體驗,讓腳底自然的滾動。根據德國AGR背脊健康協會(Aktion GesunderRücken e。V.)的審核報告中指出,Joya所有鞋款皆對背脊健康是有幫助的。Joya專利的柔軟科技中底,可平均分散足底壓力。當你踏進 Joya,腳會因重心產生下沉並搖擺, 幫助背部周圍的肌肉運動,這也可讓背部問題獲得改善。而柔軟的PU科技中底可以減緩脊椎的壓力,有效恢復身體機能。