The Shoe Benefits

Today, a modern person walks mainly on hard industrial floors like concrete and asphalt and often wears shoes that limit walking and standing. The painful result: This puts a heavy burden on health services across the globe due to painful conditions and the resulting need for treatment of the locomotor system.

Joya shoes support the natural movement process and encourages active walking. Joya shoes also promote healthy posture, which provides relief to the back and joints and can also reduce and prevent back and joint pain.

Joya offers a unique walking sensation. The difference from other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling sets new standards in the area of comfortable footwear - this shoe combines fashionable designs and comfort. Joya has developed different sole technologies to meet the most diverse customer needs.

After a thorough examination, the entire Joya range was rated by the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) as especially back-friendly in 2016, and it even received the coveted AGR seal of quality. The seal of approval, which the AGR developed together with the two largest German back school associations, serves as the optimum guide for consumers when buying ergonomic products. Thanks to the strict testing criteria and a committee consisting of proven medical experts, the AGR quality seal enjoys a high level of acceptance in the medical community.

Numerous customers confirm the positive effects it has on their body. Here are some Joya experiences:

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The Swiss shoe manufacturer Joya develops and distributes back-friendly shoes. Joya enables a unique walking sensation and mimics the natural rolling movement. According to the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.), all of Joya’s shoes are especially back-friendly and distinguished with the coveted AGR quality seal. The soft patented Joya sole ensures optimal pressure distribution under the sole of the foot. This prevents plantar stress concentrations. Joya causes the foot to sink in while stepping, which in turn causes the hip to drop down on that side. The muscles in the back must be stabilized by this movement, which can also have a positive effect on back problems. The strong cushioning effect of the soft PU sole reduces the pressure on the spine, which can provide a beneficial effect.